The Chariot Deep Dive

The Chariot: Deep Dive


Today I wanted to deep dive into a tarot card…THE CHAROIT.

But before that, I am drinking this magical elixir. It has the eye of a toad, the heart of a frog….and venom of snake. Just kidding, it’s celery juice.  Ok so enough of my Gemini ramblings here we go.

The Chariot…

Major Arcana card #7….

It is a major event, movement, travel, and typically depicts a single human with TWO horse one black and one white traveling at time in opposite directions.


It is a reminder that even if the road ahead is hard and difficult, to keep going, that the path is being cleared for you, travel is likely ahead.

Fast and fire passion filled movement.  When the card is upright a good outcome is shown as long as you continue to do your part to uphold the promise you have made.

Some even say that the contrast between the two horses on the traditional card can signify the contrast between the sub conscious and conscious mind. Ohhhh what opposing forces are at play here??

Are you merging the two to take you head on into your soul source direction?


OR are these two pulling apart in opposite directions and you feel you are being town in half?

This is a great interesting take on this card and I kind of love it.


But today I actually pulled form Mystic Mondays deck……

This journey you are on has a positive outcome, progression. In mystic Mondays it shows a single pharaoh horse and this lovely lady just rollercoaster riding through her sacral and solar plexus passions……WAHEEEEEEEEE. I love it……. Just all you get it girl!

“remember to run your own race and ignore the haters”

Associated with cancer and the number 7.


7 in tarot talks about gaining wisdom by going deeper into ourselves, introspection is needed during this time, and typically can bring up being analytical and perceptive.

Thanks for joining me today on this tarot deep dive and I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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