Work With Me 1:1

Need more support in your life and biz?

Join me in a 1:1 setting for private Intuitive mentoring & support while I guide you with heart and real life logic to set the foundation for your dreams as we shift you into aligned action. Each step is moving you closer your dream-reality.

investment into private intuitive coaching starts at a minimum of 3 months investment and payment plans are available.

What is included?

Monthly unlimited DM during business hours

1 energy activation per month

3 deep dives per moth for larger projects, check in, and design building support.

Full access to all of my tools, brain pickings, support in mind, body, soul.

Distance reiki is also sent to private clients throughout the month with regular card pulls for additional support through DM as well as during call sessions.

Guided meditations also available during monthly deep dive calls for relaxation and focus.

Idea building to intuitively lay the foundations to your dream lifestyle and business so that you can take off towards aligned success in your life and business.

Through my personal developed techniques that I show my private clients

I was previously able to manifest and receive through aligned action over 10k in 2 months, allowing me to take further action to building my dreams into reality.

I can’t do all the work for you, but I can provide you a safe container and the tools to allow you to continue to feel supported and guide you through you spiritual an personal business journey.

You are a powerful spiritual being, living in a 3D human experience. We are meant to have it all, we are meant to be living next level and to help others rise and heal through energetic power. When we do this together, when we do this for ourselves and then walk beside powerhouse women to do the same, we are raising the consciousness of the planet, and this in itself is pure MAGIC.

need a payment plan? Send an email to: